Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Blueprint for Action

Main Findings

1. Racial & Ethnic Diversity - Room for Growth

2. Industry-Based Diversity - Interests are Broader than Offerings

3. HUWIB's Prominent Role in Members' Recruiting Processes - Important Responsibility

Through the interviews, I was surprised to learn the extent to which HUWIB has directly helped its members obtain internships. This effect can take many forms; those specifically named in the interviews included: 

Actions Taken Thus Far

1. Created New Diversity Committee

2. Expanding Industry Exposure

3. Conceived of Campus Diversity Ambassador Program

Recommendations for Further Action

1. Campus Diversity Ambassador Program (to address Racial & Ethnic Diversity)

2. Fill a Void in Tech Recruiting Awareness (to address Industry-Related Diversity)

With the rise of e-commerce, AI, and technological advancements, it is critical to increase the offerings specific to the tech sector, so as to remain relevant as an organization. Harvard presently lacks a robust support system for tech recruiting. There is little accessible information about tech recruiting timelines, as evidenced by the fact that the OCS calendars are overwhelmingly finance- and consulting-specific. To address this void, HUWIB could do the following:

3. Rebrand HUWIB's Mission and Vision 

Utilize our marketing channels (both internally and externally) to emphasize the HUWIB is comprised of an welcomes people of a diverse range of:

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