Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Basic Facts about FYRE

Mission Statement
FYRE’s purpose is to initiate a culture of accessibility to all resources on campus by developing students’ sense of ownership of their education. Through mentorship and community-building, we will help students better prepare for their transition to college and understand how to engage with the campus, faculty, and alumni of Harvard. We aim to support our students as they accomplish their goals and lead healthy lifestyles. This program strives to bolster the strengths and tools they already possess to prepare them for their semesters ahead.

All incoming first-year Harvard college students will be eligible to apply for the program. Students who are of the first generation in their family to go to college, those from low to modest-income backgrounds, and those whose high schools are typically under-represented in the Ivy League will be encouraged to apply.

The program will take place from August 23-26, 2018. Team leaders will be asked to report to campus on August 20 for Team Leader Training. The program will take place in Wigglesworth and will run concurrently with the other pre-orientation programs. Participants are eligible to do Fall Clean Up before the start of the FYRE, August 20-23.

This is a two-year pilot program that will be assessed by the guidelines set forth by the Advisory Committee, a group that met weekly in Fall 2017 to create an advisory report that was then given to the Steering Committee.

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