Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Amy Tan- Recommendations from Action Research

My Action Research Question: 

In my research on the community of UMRP coordinators, one of the questions I asked was: What can be done to improve the UMRP, or are there other initiatives outside of or in cooperation with the UMRP that can be created to further the diversity of the student population? I decided that there are outside initiatives that would address this question with the most impact. Specially, I wondered, what are some ways in which Harvard can increase interest in the institution, in higher education, and in learning overall, specifically by implementing educational programs for high school students on campus? I will travel to Yale to observe their Splash! program and see how it's implemented, its benefits, challenges, and limitations, as well as how it can be transferred to Harvard's campus. I will particularly pay attention to these programs' impact on minority or low-income students, especially since they don’t have the mentors or network of family members who received higher education to guide them on the college search process. These programs can provide them with connections to college student mentors who serve as teachers.

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