Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

2022 Self-care resources for student leaders



How to Journal + 30 Journaling Prompts for Self Discovery

Self grace/Self compassion

What it really means to “give yourself grace” 


The transformative effects of mindful self-compassion

Stretching and Meditation

5 min moving meditation 

Meditation and going outside

Headspace App! And just forcing yourself to get some fresh air.

Weekly Reflections

10 Weekly Reflection Questions 

Say No

The Power of Saying No

Deep breathing techniques

8 Deep Breathing Exercises for Anxiety 


How Cooking is a Form of Self Care 

Running/Exercise/Physical Activity

Physical activity - it’s important

Video Games or Puzzles

I highly recommend Sudoku or Dots! 

Crossword Puzzles

Recommend Wall Street Journal Crossword! 

ATV Riding (back home) or exercise 

ATV safety tutorial with two pro stunt riders

Reserving studio space or taking dance/yoga classes

Take a 20-minute power nap

Are Naps Good for You 


Spending time with friends/going for a quick walk to get fresh air

No real online source- I have just always found that distracting myself with social interactions has been a good way to clear my head


Intentional Walking

Headspace app or 15 min meditation 

Running / Working Out

Benefits of Exercise 

Fitness Program: 5 Steps to Get Started 

Free art experiences for students!

Being outside

Nurtured by Nature 


The Perfect Heavy Bag Boxing Workout for Beginners

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