Resources for Loss

Psalm 9:9, A Catholic Prayer for Loss, contributed by Patrick Magahis (2021)

I selected a prayer from the Book of Psalms within the Bible for my contribution due to its strong resonance with my faith, familial, and personal background. The psalm reads as follows:

"Holy God, Your word says that You are a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Lord, I call upon You to be my stronghold in my time of grief! I feel oppressed by the pain and the sorrow that I feel, but in You, I know that I can find peace for Your word tells me so. Awesome Father, please have Your divine way within my mind so that I can find comfort in this difficult time, Amen."

What I find particularly helpful in this prayer is that the speaker is able to honestly and directly acknowledge their weakness in a time of loss, saying, "I feel oppressed by the pain and the sorrow I feel." One is able to place themself at the mercy of the Lord and humbly ask for His help and guidance, accentuating the special relationship that exists between an omnipresent, merciful God and His people in the Catholic tradition. At the same time, I am particularly drawn to the direct invocation of the Lord in the psalm, "I call upon You to be my stronghold in my time of grief," as it highlights God's omnipotence and generates feelings of trusting consolation in times of struggles. As such, the psalm has stood as one of my most comforting and inspiring methods of contemplating and confronting loss.

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