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"Flight Pattern" by Crystal Pite, contributed by Hannelore Segers (TF, 2019)

I would like to contribute the following video of a ballet at the Royal Ballet, called Flight Pattern. Flight Pattern is a modern ballet created by the Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite for the Royal Ballet in 2017. The music is written by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki and is usually associated with themes like the Holocaust.

Flight Pattern touches particularly upon the modern issue of immigration and the idea of loss of home, exile, loved family members, etc. Within the ballet, a group of 36 dancers, dancing together, evoke a community of immigrants and through their movements portray collective feelings of suffering and anguish. This stands in stark contrast to a pas-de-deux within the ballet which is shown in this video. In this pas-de-deux, a man and woman seemingly have lost their child, presumably as a result of their situation. The dancers portray their individual experience of loss through their dancing and provide another, more personal perspective into some of the hardships that are involved in the loss of home.

More information and additional pictures are available on the website of the Royal Opera House.

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