Resources for Loss

"All Love" by Fletcher, contributed by Jordan Johnson (2021)

I’ve always used music as a vehicle for understanding my emotions and human experience. When I was going through a tremendous loss a few years ago I had difficulty finding music that I thought captured both the pain of grief while also commemorating the positive memories of losing someone close to you.  
In “All Love”, Fletcher sings how she sees her ex-lover in a bar with his new significant other.  While she is hurt and saddened to see him move on, she only feels love for him, rather than hate or anguish.  “The way you kiss on her neck/ With that look in your eyes/  Do it right in front of me/  Kinda makes me wanna die/ But it's all love/ I hate the feeling, but it's all love,” Fletcher sings.  Previous authors have alluded to this central conflict of caring for someone you have lost while still being devastated by such loss – Fletcher is able to verbalize this succinctly.  In this song, Fletcher validates the stages of grief and makes the listener feel less alone in wanting to remember the positives even during the grieving process.

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