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The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Odessa - Workers 1905

Protest flyer from organizers in Odessa, 1905
Right before "Bloody Sunday" (Herlihy 296)

Are you tired of poor harvests? Of being unemployed? Of a government saying they’ll turn things around when they won’t?

Are you tired of losing a war that’s putting strain on our economy?

Which of the countless factories that are going out of business are you from? The Ulysses factory? The Arps Cork Company? The jute factory? The stone quarry? Or are you a construction worker? An agricultural machinery factory worker?

Are you worried about the shrinking credit and failing banks in our cities (Herlihy 295)?

So are we.

Join our peaceful demonstration this Sunday to show that we are tired and agitated and angry! We won’t take this any longer!


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