The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Card Sort: ethnicity

The playing cards make note of the presence of 53 different ethnic groups.

In some cases the cards use ethnonyms (names of ethnic groups) that are unfamiliar to our ears. In other cases they use ethnonyms that are no longer used. No matter what, we reproduce the vocabulary used in the cards. Where relevant, we include alternate terms. 

Even before you begin digging into the data, you might notice a glaring absence: Russians. Russians are listed as inhabitants of 62 of the 77 provinces described on the cards. They were, in other words, almost everywhere. Including them in the tag cloud would have had the same effect as that of a bright full moon on what would otherwise have been a starry sky. By leaving them off the list here, we are able to see the other constellations.

Although the Russian tag does not appear in the cloud above, it is at work in our system. If you are interested in finding out which provinces had, for example, both German and Russian inhabitants, you will be able to do so. 

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The ethnic groups mentioned in the cards are represented in this grid visualization. The dark red square represents this page ("Card Sort: ethnicity"). Start by clicking the center of that box. The array of lines will disappear. Then, to see how many provinces are tagged by a given ethnic group, simply rest your cursor on any other square in the grid. If you would like the result to remain displayed (for example, so that you can compare the number of provinces tagged by 2 or more ethnic groups), click in the box. To erase a display, click the box again.  

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